I somehow wound up with a teacup collection when I was a girl.  It started when my paternal grandmother gave me a cup & saucer set after my first ballet recital (in 1984 or 1985, if memory serves).  She continued to give these to me through the years, and after a while (when I had proven that I would not break them, I imagine) she gave me a few that I suppose now count as heirlooms.  Eventually, my maternal grandmother started giving me teacup sets as well.  I bought a few myself at antique shops later on, but most of them had been gifts.

As part of moving out of my apartment, I had to unpack them and photograph them to make sure they were properly insured with the moving company.  I had forgotten just how many of these I had, since they haven’t been on display anywhere in over ten years.

Dear Sierra,

This cup and saucer were given to my father, Harvey Cox, as a Christmas gift from his mother, Honore Cox, about the turn of the century.  I loved it as a girl and now I want you to have it on your birthday.

Grandma K