Back in the 90s, I actually made stuff.

Admittedly, most of it was angsty poetry and hastily thrown-together Bryce landscapes, but I made stuff.

During the 00s, I went through a transformation, and among other things I had a long stint in a local band, and most of my creative outlet was in helping other people make music.

I’m interested in so many things these days, and it feels like I never get around to any of it. This is my attempt to post something every day. I’m not so ambitious to think that I’ll actually be able to create something every day, but at least if I’m hitting that roadblock I can post something to inspire me, or a picture of myself or of something nearby… just something. In the days of smart phones with built-in video cameras, I figure that shouldn’t be too difficult.  I hope.

I hope you enjoy my journey.