You know which button to press.

When I started this blog, I made the decision that if I wasn’t up for creating art that day, I should at least post something inspirational to keep me thinking about it.  Of course, since then, I’ve used “post something someone else made” twice and have skipped way more days than that for reasons other than “no internet access.”

So here, have something inspirational. I should really learn how to do stuff like this myself.

Talking to Birds

If you’ve ever seen a cat do this, you know how quiet it is.  The audio for this was really tricky to get audible.  It really didn’t help that I had the fan going, but I also didn’t want to take the time to walk over and turn it off, in case she stopped.  I wound up needing to normalize the clip, setting the gate threshold to about 80%, dropping all of the lower frequencies out entirely, and then boosting the remaining frequencies and the track volume as high as the software would let me.  It’s still barely audible after all of that (and the remaining fan noise makes it sound like it’s underwater), but at least it’s there.

Game for Kitty!

Kitty still hasn’t got the hang of “two-dimensional.”

Music Box

As always, lighting is an issue.  Too bright with the flash on; too dark with it off.  Something like this where I’m filming close-up, I really need a better external light, since the flash will always be too bright if it’s right next to the object it’s illuminating.  I settled for toggling it, since some details are easier to see with it on, and some easier to see with it off.

I tried to capture the snow globe aspect of this as well, but the camera just wasn’t picking up the glitter inside the glass globe. Lighting again: the flash made the glass too reflective, but without it, it was too dark to see.

Kitty attacks camera

I totally did not intend to post a video today, but when I got home, the cat was just posing for the camera. Of course by the time I got the camera, she wouldn’t sit still.  Then she started attacking. So I turned the video on.

Since the camera in hand was the DV still cam, the quality isn’t great, but it’s cute regardless.

demon kitty

Here is a video of my cat.  The flash has made her look more demonic than usual.

kitty video

Solved video player problem by installing a different plug-in.  See how clever I am?  I totally snuck in the audio version yesterday. ;)