Music Box

As always, lighting is an issue.  Too bright with the flash on; too dark with it off.  Something like this where I’m filming close-up, I really need a better external light, since the flash will always be too bright if it’s right next to the object it’s illuminating.  I settled for toggling it, since some details are easier to see with it on, and some easier to see with it off.

I tried to capture the snow globe aspect of this as well, but the camera just wasn’t picking up the glitter inside the glass globe. Lighting again: the flash made the glass too reflective, but without it, it was too dark to see.


I actually didn’t realize this guy had a name until I went and looked it up just in case.  Of course he has a name. You don’t make something that cool and not give it a name.  Then again, I don’t remember fighting him in Kingdom Hearts either, despite having finished the game.