When I came home to Sacramento last night, I connected Fox’s spare SD card reader to the computer and plugged in the camera card to test it out.

iPhoto launched. Gave me an error.

I’d actually had similar problems with the drive my iPhoto Library is on at some point last week, but restarting the drive fixed it at the time.  Now, it appears it is toast.  For one thing, as soon as I turn it on, the activity light just starts flashing red.  For another, System Profile was showing “unknown device” instead of, say, a hard drive.

So tonight I got a new 2TB drive and an enclosure for it, and have started the process of moving my music and video library over to the new drive, to make room on what used to be the music and video drive for my photos.

Does the new enclosure look like a Cylon, or what?

Also, I think this is a good opportunity to start using Aperture.