What a card!

I never set out to collect playing cards; it just sort of happened.  One day I realized I had a collection of poker cards, and since then have been collecting them on purpose.  I ordered these today; they were the inspiration for this post.

This is not my full collection.  I seem to have misplaced the other deck of optical illusion cards.  I completely forgot about the Joker deck until after I’d finished taking pictures. I forgot about the Star Wars poker set until just now, though I think the cards in that set are duplicates of some of the ones here.  There’s at least two decks of the more standard red- and blue-backed poker decks (actually they’re probably bridge decks, but same idea) around somewhere.  And there may be others I’m still forgetting.

I didn’t intend to photograph the cat, either, but when I started setting the packs down, she decided they were the coolest thing since catnip. She also refused to sit still, therefore blurry cat.  She attacked me when I picked them back up again.