Meanwhile, on the battlefield

We have been at war1 for a few years now, but this latest battle over the local food supply2 has me a bit vexed.  Concern for the civilian population3 has taken chemical warfare4 off the table. I am left attempting to block5 points of entry6, but the insurgents7 are more adept at finding breeches in the perimeter than I am.  Once I block one fracture, they find another before long.

Their numbers are subsiding, finally8; I hope the end is in sight.

1 With the ants
2 The cat’s food
3 The cat
4 Ant poison
5 With silicone sealant (aka caulk)
6 Cracks between the baseboard and the floor
7 The ants
8 They were down to single-file entry as of this morning