Settled Kitty

Done with the moving part, but still a lot of unpacking to do. Time to get back in the habit of art blogging again, just in time for a vacation to Seattle and then a cruise to Alaska. Hopefully I will remember/be able to post while I’m gone.

Kitty seems to have forgiven me for the move, and we are on snuggly terms again. Also, she matches my new bedding nicely.



I somehow wound up with a teacup collection when I was a girl.  It started when my paternal grandmother gave me a cup & saucer set after my first ballet recital (in 1984 or 1985, if memory serves).  She continued to give these to me through the years, and after a while (when I had proven that I would not break them, I imagine) she gave me a few that I suppose now count as heirlooms.  Eventually, my maternal grandmother started giving me teacup sets as well.  I bought a few myself at antique shops later on, but most of them had been gifts.

As part of moving out of my apartment, I had to unpack them and photograph them to make sure they were properly insured with the moving company.  I had forgotten just how many of these I had, since they haven’t been on display anywhere in over ten years.

Dear Sierra,

This cup and saucer were given to my father, Harvey Cox, as a Christmas gift from his mother, Honore Cox, about the turn of the century.  I loved it as a girl and now I want you to have it on your birthday.

Grandma K

Not Art: News Update

Yes, the blog has been quiet.

I started work in a new position within my company recently and have had to move to a different city to do it.  I am still in the process of getting my stuff moved over (I have moved in with friends, so have been “roughing it” with little more than my clothes, and only two hats), and haven’t really had any time to think about this blog or much else other than working and moving.

Never fear, the blog will return once I have everything settled in, hopefully with at least as much regularity as I’d had before.