Insane Ustream Heart

The scene: chat during my radio show.

“Audio Whiplash” regular sfwarlock observes that the in-chat emoticons look awfully insane.  We test a few, and they do indeed look like they are hopped up on espresso, insane, or possibly both.

About a week later, again in the Ustream chat room, sfwarlock makes the further observation that the <3 emoticon, lacking a face, has failed to look insane.

Fixed that for you:

Alice in Wonderland, Chapter 1

For a while I would read to my radio listeners one night a week.  I eventually stopped, but while I was still in the practice of doing that, several listeners had asked for recordings of my storytelling.

I never managed to get around to reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, despite it being a story that had been instrumental to my development.  It’s a story that’s never been too far from my mind, and of course Tim Burton’s recent movie has brought it forward a bit more than it had been.

Here is an audio recording of me reading the first chapter.  I plan to periodically record a chapter here & there and eventually have a full audio book.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: Chapter 1

Related: The original manuscript is now available online.

P.S. Be grateful I didn’t autotune it. ;)

mr stabby

I’m a little too irritated with telephone companies to make something pretty today.  I even tried some haiku about my hat to make me feel better, and then realized it had too many syllables.  So here is Mr. Stabby.


I’ve been in the kitchen a bit tonight.

The box warned me the “batter will be thick” and it wasn’t kidding.  I had a hard time distributing the batter in the pan evenly.  It seemed closer to dough than batter, in terms of consistency.

Still, it looks tasty:

(These are gluten-free, btw. I’ll see how they taste when they’ve had a chance to cool.)

hair is art, right?

Well, my hair is totally art, anyway.  It’s a means of self-expression, certainly!

In related news, I’ve been spending the evening dying my hair.

Forgive the image quality and state of the room behind me.  When taking pictures of self, the options are obvious “holding camera at arm’s length” poses or use the webcam to take the picture. ;)